Interview with Octopus Crypto Capital CTO

Octopus Crypto Capital
2 min readMar 3, 2021


Today we are going to ask questions to our technical director (CTO) of our project. It will help you to learn more about the technical part of the project.

Max: Hi, tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional activity.

Alex: Hi, my name is Alex. I am a serial entrepreneur and investor with 25 years of experience. During all this time I’ve created 11 companies. At the moment some of them are already sold and the rest are generating passive income. In the process of creating these companies I have held such positions as HR, team builder, salesman and developer. By the way, I’m a full-stack developer and still write code.

Max: What about your acquaintance with crypto? How long have you been in this industry and what brought you here?

Alex: It was pretty simple. I found out about the launch of Ethereum and got interested in the project. Around 2014, one of my companies started accepting Coinbase payments in BTC. However, all this time I was looking for working cases to create blockchain-related projects. I wasn’t much interested in hype and speculation.

Max: What is your role in Octopus Crypto Capital now? What tasks do you solve?

Alex: In Octopus Crypto Capital I help run the whole technological part of the project. I supervise the development of bots and smart contracts. Sometimes I write code myself but mostly it is done by external developers that I control.

Max: Can you describe the main differences between Octopus Crypto Capital technical base and other DeFi projects?

Alex: Our technical base is different in that we can scale well and quickly. Right now we have a smart contract fund pooling solution coming up. But most importantly, we automate routine things for pool administrators and investors as much as possible. They have the ability to simply and clearly watch the results, to invest. Other projects are more for kind of geeks and people in the know, and we focus on simplicity.

Max: What is the technical feature that makes Octopus Crypto Capital a transparent project?

Alex: Both the bot and smart contracts have a feature that allows you to view wallet balances and check the results of pool managers. This gives maximum transparency of our activity, which is very important.

Max: How do you rate Octopus Crypto Capital from a technical point of view?

Alex: I can confidently say that both I and our investors like the product. In the near future it will only grow and improve, although at the moment a lot of work has already been done. The thing I can be proud of is the customer-centric nature of our technical base and our whole project.

Max: Thanks for the informative answers!

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