Interview with the manager of the Octopus F1 pool

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6 min readFeb 5, 2021


Friends, we continue the series of interviews with managers of our fund pools. Today we will ask questions to Lucky, the manager of Octopus F1.

Question: Hello. What is your relationship to motorsport? Can you call yourself a car fan?

Answer: To become a motorsports fan you need only two things — love cars and love to compete. Since childhood I had a burning desire to own a car and at one time I had three of them at once. As they say for all occasions. Later I came to an opinion that it is too expensive to keep such a stable and settled on one universal variant for all situations. Competitive spirit in me is always alive, no matter what environment I’m in. In competition, we always compare ourselves with others, and we compare ourselves internally with the external manifestations of others. In competition, what matters most is who won and who lost, who succeeded and who failed. And this becomes the measure of personality. Although other questions are much more important: did you do your best? Do you like what you do, and is it something you really have to do?

Question: How did you get to know F1? How long has it been?

Answer: I got introduced to F1 when I was in Spain in 2018 in a place called Salou. There just opened a new theme park in PortAventura — Ferrari Land, which is dedicated to the legendary Italian car brand Ferrari. This place is also a tribute to the origins of the brand and its founder Enzo. There is an interesting attraction RED FORCE, where you can experience all the sensations of Formula 1, particularly acceleration to 180 km/h in just 5 seconds. It is just a sea of emotions and adrenaline. I’ve experienced it five times and each time it did not get less. After spending 12 hours in the park, visiting simulators and historical museum, I had a pretty good idea of what F1 is, not only from the point of view of sensations, but in general.

Question: What brought you to F1 Delta Time? Did you have any experience in financial or cryptocurrency markets before that? Probably traded or invested?

Answer: I’ve been interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and following it for quite a long time. Somewhere in the media there was information that Animoca Brands from Australia has signed a license agreement with Formula 1 to develop and publish a blockchain-based game called F1 Delta Time. This interested me, as I am a motorist myself and the memories and feelings of visiting Ferrari Land Park were still fresh. I decided that I would invest in this project and study it in detail. Then there was the lingering anticipation of the 2019 season content launch and the anticipation of the game’s first release. Gradually, I learned the mechanics of the game. Both we and the Animoca Brands team were adapting to the new format and getting feedback, making the game more usable and practical. Almost at the same time, I learned about the existence of Opensea, the largest marketplace, because it was directly connected to the game. On this marketplace, players could deploy their marketplaces and sell or buy assets for games. A secondary marketplace, so to speak. This is where my first content trading took place. I was actively buying and selling NFT tokens for F1 Delta Time and my marketplace was even featured on the game creators channel.

Question: Tell us a little bit about the Octopus F1 pool activity.

Answer: Because I successfully competed on competitive events in the game and am one of the first users of the project who knows all its intricacies, I was invited to manage one of the pools in the Octopus CC project. That’s how the Octopus F1 pool was created and we filled it with content from the 2020 season. On February 4 the team is holding the final sale of the 2020 season content and at the same time the Time Trial competitive mode will be available. For February 9, the team has announced the launch of the Grand Prix for the 2020 season. These events should revitalize the market. Even though the market is stagnant and waiting right now, we are having sporadic deals for 2020 season content with fairly high margins. One recent deal brought in x3 of its face value. We’re also waiting to hear about stacking 2020 content. We have legendary drivers and cars in our arsenal that will give good passive capital appreciation to the pool.

Question: Tell us about the future prospects for F1 Delta Time, the blockchain game market and NFT. What do you expect from it in the future?

Answer: If you pay attention to the earlier NFT-projects, you can see one pattern. The older a project gets, the more valuable its early content becomes. So I venture to guess that content price will grow not only due to popularization of the game, but with development of blockchain games in general. The potential audience for F1 Delta Time is huge. F1 is a global championship with the turnover exceeding $2 billion, attracting from 450 million to 600 million people year after year to TV screens.
It is generally accepted that Formula 1 is second only to the Summer Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in terms of audience reach. Moreover, unlike these tournaments, which have to wait for four years, Formula 1 competitions are held annually, 14–15 stages per season. Imagine that at least 1% of that audience will pay attention to F1 Delta Time, where they can assemble their favorite team and compete with other fans. The geography of F1 is expanding and there are several debutant countries in 2021. The race in Vietnam is in question, but the debut of the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia is confirmed — the race is scheduled for November 28. So we are waiting for an influx of Saudi Sheikhs and Princes at the end of the season, who will take our legendary NFTs like hotcakes at any price. Especially precious will be the full-valued legendary kits, which probably will cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Question: What are the plans of the pool for the future?

Answer: Due to the high cost of gas in Ethereum network we opened just a small part of our content. In the future we will open all of our content. We will form working teams in each competition group and prepare ready-to-use race kits for sale to new users. So there is potential for growth. The audience of the F1 Delta Time project is growing. The events are growing like a snowball.

Question: Thank you for answering the questions. Do you have one last thing to add?

Answer: I am always glad to answer the questions of our customers. I want to tell all readers that at the moment the field of NFT and blockchain games is very promising for investments. Professionals get high returns in this market, which traditional markets no longer provide. That is why I invite everyone to the Octopus F1 pool that I manage.

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