Octopus Crypto Fund Pools

Dear friends, this article will list and describe all the investment pools that are part of our fund.

Octopus Classic

Octopus Classic is a pool that invests in classic tokens on centralized and decentralized exchanges. The pool’s strategy includes both medium-term investing in coins, which have strong fundamentals and high growth potential, and short-term trading based on technical analysis and a unique trading system.

Octopus F1

Octopus F1 pool activity is closely related to F1® Delta Time. F1® Delta Time is a Ethereum-based blockchain game. The game is centered around collecting and trading unique cars, drivers and components. F1® Delta Time consists of two main game modes — collection and competitive racing. The game is built around the principle of play and earn. Additional passive earnings are provided by NFTs of various types of rarity and purpose placed in the stacking pool. The Octopus F1 pool in a modern format manages F1® Delta Time assets and successfully participates in the entire project ecosystem including competitive racing for prizes and high rewards. Our knowledge of the aftermarket and the mechanics of the game allows us to successfully trade the market with high margin returns and provide stable capital growth for our clients.

Octopus Football

Octopus Football pool is based on sorare.com platform. Sorare is an Ethereum blockchain football game that you can play and earn prizes. The pool manager trade football players’ cards (NFT) and participate in competitions for prizes (ETH + cards). Sorare.com is a fast growing project that officially contracts with football clubs and leagues. The clubs are promoting their NFTs.There are millions of football fans in the world. The pool manager analyse players, the prospect of price growth, participate in all tournaments, trade cards (buy, sell, exchange). The recommended investment period is from 1 year, the minimum period is 6 months.

Octopus WAX

Octopus WAX is a pool that invests in Wax blockchain projects. The main direction of the pool is projects in the field of Collectibles and MMO Games (massive multiplayer online games). The pool’s strategy includes both medium- and long-term investing and short-term trading. The pool is primarily focused on investing in projects at the launch stage. Also, operating projects that have long-term growth potential are always in sight.

Octopus Longterm

The main areas of investment of the pool’s funds are the presales of tokens of projects at the stage of primary (private or closed) placement within the allocations, as well as the farming of tokens using temporarily available funds.

You can invest in our pools through the official Octopus bot t.me/Octopus_VC_bot.

All your questions can be asked in our chatt.me/OctopusCC_Eng.



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