Octopus Digest №16

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2 min readAug 8, 2022


Friends, we continue to issue digests that are a kind of report on Octopus Crypto Capital’s activity over the past month. Today you will find out how Octopus Crypto Capital was doing in July 2022.

@OctopusCC_Finansist, CEO Octopus Crypto Capital

Traditionally, it’s been a difficult month lately. The markets have been in a destructive mood for long-term investors. But now the first hints are appearing for those who are ready to enter almost at the bottom in a new growth cycle. We won’t miss this opportunity.

@OctopusCC_Max, PR and content manager of Octopus Crypto Capital

This month we continued to help our partners in the area of shilling their social media news. Continuing to work on finding partners with whom we can invest together in early stage tokens for various projects.

@UniboxTeam, Octopus F1 pool manager

Octopus F1 pool has completed the work of sending assets for the swap. We have successfully received a swap for each vehicle on the Polygon network according to its rarity. Expect a physical shipment of the remaining asset types and announcements from AnimacoBrands.

@OctopusCC_Nik0, Octopus Football pool manager

While we wait for the start of the top euro championships, I’ve closed some good deals with nice X’s. Otherwise it works the same old way.

If you have any questions about our project, you can ask them in our chat room — t.me/OctopusCC_Eng. You can invest in pools of our project here — t.me/OctopusCC_Finansist.

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