Octopus Digest №3

Octopus Crypto Capital
2 min readJun 28, 2021


Dear friends, we continue to issue digests that are kind of a report on Octopus Crypto Capital’s activity in the past month. Today you will learn how Octopus Crypto Capital was doing in May.

@OctopusCC_Finansist, CEO of Octopus Crypto Capital

Of course, May was not a great month for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, to say the least. Bitcoin, the price of which is a benchmark of the market, collapsed sharply, due to which the conjuncture for us was not the most favorable. But no matter what, our managers managed to cope. Assets under management declined less dramatically, and some pools broke even and even earned money. In general, we continue to work, bring money to our investors and grow.

@OctopusCC_Nik0, Octopus Football pool manager

As always, the pool successfully participated in many competitions. We managed to win 11 cards with an approximate value of about $3000 at the time we received them. We also bought and resold several cards at good prices, examples are in the screenshots below.

@Buffetmania, Octopus WAX pool manager

The main attention was focused around R-Planet project, so they were maximally increasing mining of in-game currency Aether. Also managed to buy 2 Mini Packs at the last rig sale. Their price at the moment has increased to 25 times the initial value. In addition, the pool participated in Robotech and Graffiti Kings projects.

@koko0077, Octopus Longterm pool manager

In May we invested in 4 projects: Retreeb, Cannumo, Taker, BitBook. In total we invested $14,000. The decision to buy BitBook was especially successful: the token gave the pool a yield of 100% within a week. We reinvested the profit obtained.

@UniboxTeam, Octopus F1 pool manager

From May until now we’ve been waiting for news. The market has slightly revived after the fall, but now it’s too early to talk about price recovery: many inexperienced market participants panic and dump details at low prices. We expect a new event in July, which will stimulate players and newcomers to buy on the market en masse.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the chat of our project — t.me/OctopusCC_Eng. You can invest in pools of our fund and buy tokens OCC through our Telegram bot — t.me/Octopus_VC_bot.