Octopus Digest №5

Octopus Crypto Capital
2 min readAug 19, 2021

Dear friends, we continue to issue digests that are kind of a report on Octopus Crypto Capital’s activity in the past month. Today you will learn how Octopus Crypto Capital was doing in July.

@OctopusCC_Finansist, CEO of Octopus Crypto Capital

July was not the hardest or easiest month for the Octopus Crypto Capital team. The market conjuncture was basically neutral. Nevertheless, we continue to work and develop, and in August we will gather the fruits of our labors. Market data is already starting to contribute to this.

@OctopusCC_Nik0, Octopus Football pool manager

It’s been a tough month. Nothing particularly interesting happened. There was a pause at the end of the European Championship. Waiting for the start of the top championships in mid-August.

@Buffetmania, Octopus WAX pool manager

The general decline in market activity in July did not spare the projects on the WAX blockchain platform. Collectible drops are temporarily not participating due to negative expectations. In the project R-Planet added the upgrade of the lands (4 types of lands — 4 types of additional resources), we monitor the market, analyze the situation and plan to use the accumulated Aether in the near future.

@koko0077, Octopus Longterm pool manager

The pool invested $2000 in the Unvest project in July. Recently there was a good deal after the Fanadise launch where the pool invested $5000. We almost recouped our investment from the first batch by taking $4800, and in August it will be the end of the lockup period, where we will take most of the profits.

@UniboxTeam, Octopus F1 pool manage

Another week-long Time Trial ended on August 1. We won three rare and four common keys, took three first places and one third place in four groups. Next week we’ll continue our quest for keys and the prize pool. In addition, we will get trophy cups and a number of REVVs. All in all, July was a good month for us. The market is still weak, but we are successfully participating in events, adding rewards to the pool assets. August promises to be full of new events, and of course we are waiting for the elite Time Trial, which will spur the market. After that, we’ll be able to start selling free and winning assets.

@oleksiivinogradov, CTO of Octopus Crypto Capital

In the past month we have been actively working on debugging the output of investments in the bot for investors. The technical part can be improved for a very long time, so we continue to develop the project in this direction

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the chat of our project — t.me/OctopusCC_Eng. You can invest in pools of our fund and buy tokens OCC through our Telegram bot — t.me/Octopus_VC_bot.