Octopus Digest №8

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2 min readNov 6, 2021


Dear friends, we continue to issue digests that are kind of a report on Octopus Crypto Capital’s activity in the past month. Today you will learn how Octopus Crypto Capital was doing in october.

@OctopusCC_Finansist, CEO Octopus Crypto Capital

Octopus Crypto Capital continued to work as usual in October. The project is being improved from all sides: actively working on technical innovations, new investors and clients are coming, partnerships are being formed. Managers have shown themselves well in the past month, pleasing investors with profits.

@OctopusCC_Max, PR and content manager of Octopus Crypto Capital

In October we were actively attracting new users, filling the website and social networks with content. The popularity of our resources increased. A team section was added to the site — we are now public.

@vithar, CTO Octopus Crypto Capital

In October we continued to develop smart contracts for tokenization of pools. Now we are in the testing and validation phase.

@OctopusCC_Nik0, Octopus Football pool manager

It was a good month for the soccer pool. I kept earning profits for our investors: I’ve won 17 cards, 15 of which were rare.

@Buffetmania, Octopus WAX pool manager

In the project R-Planet for the accumulated resources crafted robots and won 2 new items. Looking forward to playing this quarter.

@koko0077, Octopus Longterm pool manager

Continued to collect profits in October. Scallop sold with 20 X’s. Got $15,000 from $3,000 invested. And this is just the first split! KSM Starter recouped $2,000 from the first split. In Listen we invested $3,000.

@UniboxTeam, Octopus F1 pool manager

For the month of October, the pool received as race prizes: 5 rare keys and 11 regular keys; 1.45 epic and 0.9 legendary key fractions; 31,000 Revv; 20 trophies, including 8 for first place, 6 for second and 6 for third. The total value of the rewards at the current market is about $12,000.

If you have any questions about our project, you can ask them in our chat room — t.me/OctopusCC_Eng. You can invest in pools of our project here — t.me/OctopusCC_Finansist.



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