What is F1® Delta Time?


Inside the game you can purchase cars, pilots and various items that will improve their performance. All categories of items are sold and bought for in-game currency — REVV, as well as for USDC, ETH and other coins. By the way, REVV trades in pairs with other cryptocurrencies and shows excellent price dynamics. Thus, the project token itself can be an object of investment.

Price and capitalization dynamics of REVV

Opportunity to earn inside the game

In F1® Delta Time you can earn not only by reselling the items. Once you’ve collected the right amount of in-game items, you can participate in regularly scheduled tournaments and stacking. Do not underestimate these opportunities. In practice, they provide a good additional income.

Why on this project you can earn?

Many people associate the word “game” with some non-serious activity, which you can do except in your spare time. But in this case, we should not forget that the game on Ethereum blockchain is a part of the ecosystem of this cryptocurrency. All of the items within this game are essentially collectibles, the demand for which is generated by fans of Formula One itself. There are two things to pay attention to. Firstly, so far not many fans of famous races know about the existence of this game. However, in the future their interest will grow, because the game is just beginning to gain an audience among the huge base of fans of real races. Secondly, just like any other market, F1DT needs an influx of money (liquidity) to increase the price of items. The F1 fan base can contribute to this not only through its numbers, but also through its solvency. It is no secret that the races nowadays, most of the adults are interested in the established people from around the world. Just because of their money and will grow this market.


F1® Delta Time is an extremely promising project in the blockchain game niche. In conditions of a developing market of NFT and cryptocurrencies in general, it is possible to increase your capital very well. However, this requires specific knowledge related to F-1 in general, as well as constant monitoring of a very complex market. That’s why we launched Octopus F1 pool, that is managed by a real professional and fan of his business. Connect to the pool via our bot @Octopus_VC_bot.



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