What is Octopus NFT?

  1. Octopus Gold
  2. Octopus Silver
  3. Octopus Bronze
  1. Owner Discount. This is a key parameter that reflects the discount a referral receives when investing in the pool. This discount is also received by the NFT owner.
  2. Partner Remuneration. This is the part of the profit from the referral’s investments, which the first owner of the NFT receives. The NFT owner himself can also be a referral.
  3. Sale price. The price of the initial placement of a token.
  4. Issue. The total number of issued tokens.

Let’s look at how all of these parameters work in practice.

The first example with Octopus Gold.

Octopus Gold tokens parameters
Octopus Silver Token Parameters

Some nuances

  1. If you are the owner of more than one Octopus NFT, the affiliate reward and owner discount will not increase by multiples of the number of tokens you own.
  2. If you own Octopus NFT of different categories (for example, Gold and Silver), the affiliate reward and owner discount will be determined by the most senior token.
  3. The partner’s reward is received only by the first buyer of the token. Even if you sell it on the market to another person, you are still entitled to receive remuneration from those referrals who will be attracted by the referral link from the following owners of your token.
  4. Payment of affiliate commissions is made every three months by one transaction.


Who is interested in buying Octopus NFT? First, investors in pools. The above examples clearly show the savings that await those who buy Octopus NFT tokens before investing in the fund’s pools. Add to this the fact that the examples show situations in which you enter the pool only once. In practice, our customers diversify their investments and will transfer some funds from one pool to another, while you buy Octopus NFT only once. Thus, the benefit will increase manifold over time. Second, for those who want to become a partner of the project. With the development of our project there will be a lot of new pool investors who will want to buy Octopus NFT to get a discount. owner discount. You will be able to either sell them your token at a bargain price or share your referral link with them. In both cases you will make a profit from them.



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