Why will investors in our pools get double benefit from investments right now?

At the moment, the cryptocurrency market is at that stage when most people panic and sell their assets at a loss. Such a sanction is not surprising. The crypto market has been actively gaining ground since it began its explosive growth in 2020. Most current crypto holders have never seen a true bear market.

Such a situation is nothing new. We saw similar events in 2018. Then, after all the extra passengers (newcomers who bought crypto at peak prices) disembarked, a new prolonged bullish trend started in the market. The same events happen in any market: commodities, stocks, and others. This is called a market cycle. Similar developments can be expected now. After a significant drawdown, the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-assets will renew their highs.

So what to do?

If you have some amount of cache right now, it’s a great time to make a smooth entry into the crypto market. As we wrote above, an up cycle is bound to start, that’s how any market works. However, you most likely will not be able to guess the bottom of the bearish trend. In connection with this, the most logical method would be to enter the market in portions, for example investing 25% of the total volume each month.

Another step if you already bought crypto or had it earlier, would be to invest in additional investment instrument. As such instrument we offer our investment pools. For example, Octopus Football. This pool invests in the Sorare blockchain game market. The internal currency of this platform is Ethereum. It is what all of Sorare’s NFT platforms are traded to. As our experience shows, during a bull market the prices of both NFT data and Ethreum itself rise. Thus, you get double profit from your investment. Also, our manager Nico will earn you additional income from NFT data by participating in various events within Sorare.

The process of investing in our pools of already purchased crypto can be compared to investing in foreign currency. Many of you probably know that professional investors in traditional markets try not to keep currency in their accounts for nothing. For example, when they buy U.S. dollars, they try to put them into bonds, stocks, or other instruments in that currency. This helps create additional cash flow with relatively low risk. The same can be done with purchased crypto.

How to invest?

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